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Intel pitching Silverthorne, Itanium at ISSCC

World's largest chipmaker plans to present technical papers on two of its more interesting designs, the low-power Silverthorne chip and a quad-core Itanium processor, during the ISSCC conference this week.

By February 3, 2008


At ISSCC, the circuit set makes connections

As chip engineers gather in San Francisco, Intel shows off its teraflop chops, and AMD talks pricing pressure and power consumption.

By February 14, 2007


Eye-tracker lets you get location information by staring

A system from South Korea that delivers coordinates through eye motion is one of a number of tidbits at ISSCC.

By January 28, 2008


Chip design takes center stage

With the high-profile ISSCC shindig under way in San Francisco, chipmakers are eager to show off what's on their drawing boards.

By February 7, 2006


Intel doubles down with dual cores

roundup As chip cognoscenti gather at ISSCC, Intel lays out desktop, server plans. Also: Split personality for PlayStation 3 chip.

By February 7, 2005