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​Toyota investing $50M to research cars that can think for themselves

​Toyota announced a $50 million, five-year collaboration with Stanford and MIT's artificial intelligence research labs.

By September 4, 2015


Wi-Fi routers: More security risks than ever

The research team that discovered significant security holes in more than a dozen home Wi-Fi routers adds more devices to that list at Defcon 21.

By August 3, 2013


Top Wi-Fi routers easy to hack, says study

The most popular home wireless routers are easily hacked and there's little you can do to stop it, says a new study by research firm Independent Security Evaluators.

By April 17, 2013


How to add administrative tools to the Windows 8 Start screen

You can find administrative tools in Windows 8 by search, but if you prefer to see them as tiles, a quick setting will place them all on the Start screen.

By November 2, 2012


Unleash your inner 'American Idol' with iSing

Think you've got what it takes to be the next Adam Lambert? Before you embarrass yourself on national television, try the worldwide audition stage that is iSing.

By August 27, 2009


Due this year: 5-star rating for phone cameras

An industry group concludes its phone camera quality scoring system works. Expect it to arrive this year--if others can be persuaded to use it.

By March 23, 2011


Lexus wants more hybrids, better performance image

Automotive News reports on Lexus' future model plans.

By September 17, 2010


Government expands HP bribery probe

The DOJ and SEC widen investigation into whether Hewlett-Packard subsidiary paid bribes in Russia to help win multimillion dollar contract.

By September 10, 2010


Toyota's safety blitz may delay product plan

Automotive News reports on Toyota's efforts to ensure quality.

By May 21, 2010


ATO iSee 360i (30GB

The iSee 360 is a really cool concept, but it needs to work out some performance kinks and refine its design a bit in order to become a must-have accessory. Still, owners of older iPods should give it some serious consideration.

By April 5, 2007

3 stars Editors' rating April 5, 2007