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Arrests in Spain don't mean Sony's troubles are over

Spanish police arrest three people in connection with PlayStation Network breach. But given the nature of loosely organized hacking groups and the state of Sony's Web security, the company still has work to do.

By June 10, 2011


CNET to the Rescue: Darren tackles network dilemmas

Special guest Darren Kitchen from Hak5 joins us to talk through secure Wi-Fi networking, VPNs, SSL, and protecting yourself from the dreaded Firesheep.

By October 27, 2010


Keeping the masses safe on the Internet

Coalition of U.S. government agencies, tech companies, and organizations is launching first-ever public service campaign aimed at getting people to be more careful online.

By October 7, 2010


A new approach to securing USB flash drives

Corsair recently came out with a product that takes an entirely new approach to securing flash drives.

By September 18, 2007


This USB key will self-destruct in...

Ten wrong passwords will erase all data.

By September 5, 2007