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Iridium brings Wi-Fi to remote corners of the world

Satellite communications provider Iridium has introduced a new Wi-Fi hot spot that will allow iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry users to access the Net in the remotest parts of the world.

By September 7, 2011


Satellite tech, app connect your iPhone anywhere in the world

Iridium technology now lets iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners connect to the Web on 90 percent of the planet, where wireless networks aren't available.

By November 22, 2011


Predicting space weather in real time

Johns Hopkins, Boeing, and Iridium team up on a system called AMPERE that's meant to provide better monitoring of solar activity that could disrupt electronics on Earth.

By August 18, 2010


New 9555 Iridium handset released

The Iridium satellite network releases its third-generation handset. It is smaller, lighter, and more functional than any of its predecessors.

By December 1, 2008


Iridium beams in more data services

As subscriber demand for data services increases, the satellite phone provider, which originally sold only a very narrow set of voice calling plans, unveils a new short message service.

By August 4, 2003


Iridium sets up shop in Iraq

The satellite phone company, whose services have already been used in Iraq by the U.S. military, is set to roll out commercial sales in the region.

By July 22, 2003


Motorola settles Iridium suits

Motorola will pay approximately $12 million to resolve five lender-related lawsuits by Chase Manhattan Bank regarding its involvement with the bankrupt satellite phone company.

By March 6, 2003


Iridium launches five satellites into space

Satellite phone company Iridium said Tuesday it has launched five more satellites into space. The launch on Monday followed three aborted takeoffs, beginning Friday, due to both weather and instrumentation problems. The original Iridium, a $5 billion project of telecommunications and semiconductor company Motorola, went bankrupt after it failed to attract enough customers. The company's assets were bought out of bankruptcy court. The new owners launched phone service in the United States in May.

By February 12, 2002


Iridium to put more satellites into orbit

The provider of satellite-phone service and high-speed data delivery is scheduled Friday to add five more satellites to its group--weather permitting, of course.

By February 6, 2002


Putting Iridium back in orbit

After acquiring the remnants of this one-time high-tech flameout, Carlton Jennings believes the time is right for the satellite phone company to make a comeback.

By November 15, 2001