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Cisco adds voice, video to VPN products

Cisco on Wednesday announced the addition of voice and video capabilities to its line of VPN (virtual private network) products. The networking equipment maker said the new voice over IP and video over IP will help businesses become more efficient through the use of video conferencing and will lower costs for telephone service and bandwidth. Cisco also announced a "Multiservice VPN" product designed for carriers, and said Sprint was the first to sign up. The new voice and video capabilities will also meet the standards of IPSEC, a security protocol that ensures all aspects of a network are encrypted. Additional safeguards against intrusion will also be provided. The new capabilities are available on all Cisco VPN routers. The company also announced VPN support for its Cisco 7400 router, which will be available in June for $18,500.

May 29, 2002


Short Take: Lucent updates VPN with more security

Lucent Technologies has updated its Virtual Private Network (VPN) product with improved security. Lucent VPN Gateway version 2.0 now supports security standards IPSec and Internet Key Exchange. The company said AT&T Canada has signed on the use the product to build VPN services for its customers. The price for the new product starts at $17,985.

August 6, 1999


Short Take: ICSA to certify Web sites

The International Computer Security Association said it will certify software applications and Web sites under the IPSec security standard. ICSA will conduct interoperability tests on IPSec products for use in a future Internet-based EDI system called the Automotive Network eXchange, which ICSA claimed could save auto manufacturers upwards of $1 billion a year.

January 12, 1998