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iPass to add in-flight Wi-Fi roaming

Mobile Internet aggregator iPass hooks up with Aircell to provide its monthly subscribers with in-flight broadband connectivity.

By May 14, 2008


iPhone more popular than BlackBerry for business users

An iPass poll finds that Apple's flagship phone has captured a 45-percent share of mobile enterprise workers, surpassing RIM's BlackBerry with a 32-percent share.

By November 16, 2011


Poll: Mobile workers sleep with phone, check overnight

New report from iPass finds that more than half of employees polled who sleep with their smartphones wake up at least sometimes during the night to check their messages.

By May 25, 2011


Rich people can scheme in secret with £6,750 Vertu Signature Touch

The titanium, sapphire and calfskin Vertu Signature Touch smartphone costs thousands but gets you into the most exclusive clubs.

By June 3, 2014

Editors' Take

Vertu Constellation

The Vertu Constellation matches leather, titanium, and sapphire glass with an astonishingly high price tag.

October 2, 2013

MSRP: $5,950.00


Vertu Constellation is a £4,000 dual-core Android phone

If your wallet's as bottomless as Scrooge McDuck's and your hunger for calfskin and titanium is insatiable, Vertu's new luxury blower could be for you.

By October 2, 2013


iPhone more popular than BlackBerry for business

Business bods are flocking to the iPhone over traditional favourite the BlackBerry, according to a report. Should RIM be worried?

By November 16, 2011


BlackBerry 7 sales sputter after strong start

With the iPhone 4S and a wave of Android smartphones out in the market, and the delayed launch of next-generation BBX smartphones, one analyst expects increasing competition across RIM's products.

By November 18, 2011


Singapore Airlines offers iPod-friendly skies

The media player, as well as the iPhone, can play music and videos on their exclusive system.

By May 15, 2008


The peanuts are free, but the Wi-Fi'll cost you

Wi-Fi in the skies. How long until there's a terrorist warning on this one?

By August 23, 2004