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Facebook updates iOS app yet again

The social network has updated its iOS app for the third time this week to fix several bugs that were found in the prior release.

By October 13, 2011

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Google I/O 2015

All the news from the annual Google I/O event, including the latest on Android.


iOS 5 upgraders reporting installation hiccups

Some users attempting to install Apple's new iOS 5 software are reporting problems getting it onto their devices, from actually downloading the software to getting iTunes to run the update.

By October 12, 2011


iOS 4.2 turns iPad's screen lock into volume switch

The developer build of iOS 4.2 brings with it a handful of changes, one of which changes some hardware functionality users may be accustomed to.

By September 15, 2010


iOS 4.1 offers new photo features, bug fixes

Before jumping into Apple's music and entertainment news, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced iOS 4.1, the latest update for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

By September 1, 2010


Apple releases iOS patch to fix PDF security flaw

Apple has patched the recently uncovered security flaw with how PDF files are handled in Safari in iOS 4.0.1 and earlier for the iPod Touch and iPhone, and iOS 3.2.1 and earlier for the iPad.

By August 11, 2010


Does iOS 4.0.1 make a difference?

To find out how the iOS 4.0.1 update affects everyday usability, we took two iPhone 4s and compared the number of displayed bars in various places in San Francisco.

By July 21, 2010


Web ad network: iOS 4 on half of iPhones

Looking at a sampling of 9 million iPhones impressions across its ad network, Chitika finds the new mobile OS installed on 50 percent of them.

By July 26, 2010


iOS 4.0.1 'fix' will not change reception issues

As CNET's Erica Ogg reported earlier today, Apple has released the iOS 4.0.1 update, which is supposed to address a display problem with the iPhone's signal strength calculation, which Apple claims is part of the reason people are seeing the signals drop off rapidly when there is an interruption in the antenna's RF signal.

By July 15, 2010


iPhone owners report iOS 4.0.1 installation errors

Users are reporting errors when installing latest update to iOS 4. Despite repeated attempts, some say install freezes two-thirds through.

By July 15, 2010


Apple iOS 4.0.1 update tinkers with signal indicators, doesn't fix iPhone 4 antenna

Apple has rolled out a firmware update that changes the way the iPhone interprets signal strength, so that it more accurately displays the signal available to the device

By July 16, 2010