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SkyCross antennas outfit devices for Verizon 4G

A partnership between the two companies sees SkyCross wireless antennas showing up in 4G tablets and other devices tapping into Verizon Wireless's 4G LTE network.

By January 5, 2011


Seagate revives Zip drive concept with GoFlex storage system

Seagate announces its new program to allow third-party companies to incorporate slots on their products to support removable GoFlex external hard drives.

By January 4, 2011


MIT spin-off stores sun's energy to power the world

Newly formed company Sun Catalytix says that the only way to bring energy to world's poor is capturing and storing solar energy in distributed fuel cell systems.

By September 28, 2009


GE: Doing cleantech the right way

GE has built it's cleantech empire through vision, judicious acquisition, timing, and solid investment.

By March 8, 2008


General Electric's water source

Jeff Fulgham, with GE's Water and Process Technologies, suggests ways to turn around the water crisis.

By February 9, 2007


Water wizards of the desert

One of Israel's most promising industries centers on the preservation of a crucial natural resource: water.

August 10, 2006