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Police Blotter: Intoxilyzer code must be disclosed

Appeals court rules that Kentucky driver facing DUI charges based on a closed-source breath alcohol reading can inspect the source code.

By January 28, 2008


Police Blotter: Bid for breathalyzer code denied

Minnesota Court of Appeals says DUI defendant failed to prove that the Intoxilyzer 500EN's source code would "relate to his guilt or innocence."

By March 15, 2010


Police Blotter: Court won't release breathalyzer source code

A Minnesota appeals court rejects a request to review the source code used in the Intoxilyzer 5000EN, saying the defendant offered only "speculation" that the programming instructions are relevant to the case.

By February 3, 2009


iBreath: the iPhone Breathalyzer

Innovation in the App Store has been rampant, but worthwhile development in third-party devices (save a few battery backups/boosters) has been sparse. iBreath, a Breathalyzer and FM Transmitter for the iPod (and unofficially for the iPhone), is a new and

By December 15, 2008


Source code standoff in breathalyzer case

Minnesota officials haven't met a court-imposed deadline for turning over the source code to a breath-test device, which could lead to dropped DUI charges.

By September 4, 2007


Police Blotter: Defendant wins breathalyzer source code

Man charged with drunk driving says his attorney needs access to the source code to fight the charges; state supreme court agrees.

By August 9, 2007


Doubts arise over fate of breathalyzer source code

Attorney for a man accused of drunk driving predicts device maker won't turn over code, which could lead to charges being dropped.

By August 10, 2007


Breathalyzer source code must be disclosed

Florida police can't use breathalyzers unless the source code can be reviewed, a state court decides.

By November 3, 2005


Police blotter: Closed-source breathalyzer on trial

In this installment: Should computers with secret methods of operation be used to convict Americans accused of drunk driving?

By October 21, 2005