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All those Amazon drones: Will they block the sun?

How realistic is it that millions of drones will be flying around delivering our toasters? Or, is this just a fine Cyber Monday ad?

By December 2, 2013


Network, don't fail me now!

Everything in computing and communication now thoroughly depends on the network--by definition, making it the most likely single point of failure.

By February 12, 2011


Maps for iPad hands-on

A hands-on look at using the Maps app on the Apple iPad, including new features such as terrain view and street view.

By January 29, 2010


The founder's dilemma: How to play the final sale

Critics say Jerry Yang and David Filo blew it by getting into 11th-hour negotiations directly with Steve Ballmer. But other company founders say the dynamics of the end game are more complicated than that.

By May 9, 2008


KITT rides again, without The Hoff

RC version is faithful to the original.

By December 5, 2007


Another good day for Microsoft?

Got to hand it to my main man Mark Murray at Microsoft. (How's that for alliteration?) Sir Mark, the company's corporate PR guy, is the poor schnook charged with sanitizing his bosses' missteps.

By April 27, 2005


Taking our measure

Along with the rest of the nation, the tech industry mourned its dead this week. But CNET News.com's Charlie Cooper explains why terror can't beat the spirit that created Silicon Valley.

By September 14, 2001