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Clandestinely control your smartphone by stroking your hair

A hair extension interwoven with sensors would allow users to secretly open and control smartphone apps.

By April 12, 2015


FCC chief urges FAA to allow more in-flight use of devices

In calling for greater use of portable electronic devices on airplanes during flights, Julius Genachowski notes that mobile devices have become "increasingly interwoven" in people's lives.

By December 6, 2012


Girl geeks: Shed the stereotype

The tech industry and the technology community is growing faster than cress. With the Internet so deeply interwoven into business, media, culture and art, for example, feminine insights are refreshing and welcomed by everybody.

By June 1, 2007


Sun shines on Interwoven software

The two companies will share joint sales and marketing for Interwoven's content management product.

By July 20, 2005


Interwoven launches Web app system

Content Provisioning system monitors, manages changes made to enterprise applications throughout the development process.

By April 5, 2005


Interwoven buys collaboration company

The software maker, a specialist in content-management applications, announces a $171 million deal to buy collaboration-software maker iManage.

By August 6, 2003