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Spring developer Interface21 lands $10 million in funding

Benchmark Capital, investors in Red Hat, MySQL and JBoss, put money into the creators of the Spring Framework

By May. 11, 2007


Accenture builds on Spring Framework

Called Spring Batch, the open-source project is designed for writing batch jobs using the Java-based Spring Framework.

By May. 8, 2007


Open-source toolmaker acquires Covalent

SpringSource, formerly called Interface21, is buying the provider of products and services for users of Apache Software Foundation projects.

By Jan. 29, 2008


MuleSource names SpringSource exec as new CEO

The company behind the top open-source enterprise service bus continues the tradition of pilfering from its peers' executive ranks, grabbing marketing pro Greg Schott.

By Feb. 23, 2009


Open source creates market efficiences, not monopolies

John Prendergast takes issue with a recent post of mine, highlighting open source's efficiency in creating new markets.

By Jul. 17, 2007


What Benchmark's investment in Ruby on Rails support should tell us

Benchmark just invested in a support vendor. Another one. Is there a lesson in this?

By Jan. 13, 2008


The Open Source CEO: Rod Johnson, Interface 21 (Part 20)

The twentieth installment in the Open Source CEO Series, this time with Rod Johnson, CEO and Co-founder of Interface21.

By Jun. 28, 2007


The Open Source CEO: Pete Childers (Part 19)

In this nineteenth installment of the Open Source CEO Series, I connect with Pete Childers.

By Jun. 28, 2007