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Bush signs RIAA-backed intellectual-property law

A new law signed by the U.S. president on Monday creates a cabinet-level position to coordinate federal efforts to combat copyright infringement.

By October 13, 2008


Asia warms up to intellectual property

As the relative value of IP increases, Asian businesses begin to take infringement issues more seriously.

August 23, 2006


Apple walloped with $625.6M in damages from FaceTime lawsuit

The tech giant was the target of a patent troll, a company that makes money by suing other companies.

By February 4, 2016


Apple tells Supreme Court that Samsung case is 'legally unexceptional'

The giant doesn't want the court to examine its patent win against Samsung and "prolong" the battle.

By February 4, 2016


Pacific Grim: How the controversial TPP signed away your digital rights

After years of negotiation, the 12 countries behind the Trans-Pacific Partnership have finally signed off on a trade deal worth almost half the world's GDP. So how did we get here? And what exactly have we walked into?

By February 3, 2016


Nokia sues Apple for patent infringement

The world's largest phone maker accuses Apple of violating intellectual property it owns governing handset wireless connectivity.

By October 22, 2009


Red Hat, Novell sued for patent infringement

Intellectual property company alleges patent infringement by the top two Linux sellers--and by extension, the free and open-source programming movement.

By October 12, 2007


Proposed new piracy penalties advance in House

House panel unanimously backs bill that would appoint new intellectual-property enforcers and allow the feds to seize equipment used to commit infringement.

By April 30, 2008


U.S. eyes China, Russia, 44 others over piracy

In annual report, Bush administration singles out "priority" and "lower level" trading partners who allegedly aren't doing enough to stop intellectual property infringement.

By April 25, 2008


Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringement

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is pressing the U.S. Congress to enact a sweeping intellectual-property bill that would increase criminal penalties for copyright infringement.

By May 15, 2007