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Intelius lets people wrangle some of their data

New service will let Intelius users hide their latest contact information and make notes to explain things like criminal records and job instability.

By December 7, 2010


DateCheck powered by Intelius

At CES 2010, Brian Tong discovers his new worst enemy: the DateCheck app.

By January 9, 2010


Privacy check, part two: Testing free Web people directories

Online people-search directories make it easy to discover a wealth of private information simply by entering a name, address, and/or phone number in their search boxes.

By January 18, 2011


Congressional Privacy Caucus takes aim at data brokers

The caucus, made up of both Democrats and Republicans, has requested information from companies that collect, analyze, and sell consumer information.

By July 25, 2012


How to: Take back your privacy from data brokers

Here are some examples of how you opt out from sites that harvest and collect your personal information.

By February 19, 2011


Privacy check: What Web directories know about you

Online directories let people discover a scary amount of private information about you simply by entering your name, location, and/or telephone number in their search boxes.

By January 17, 2011


Firms launch search for people, word meaning

Demo: New products offer ways to search for people, unstructured data not found in Web search engines, items based on word meaning and corporate data launched at show.

By September 9, 2008


The most promising launches at DemoFall 2009

Now that the start-up conference is over, we can review the best products, companies, and concepts presented--regardless of what the Demo gods liked.

By September 25, 2009


DemoFall ends with awards and emotional good-byes

After 13 years, managing director Chris Shipley has officially handed the baton to VentureBeat founder Matt Marshall. Together, they gave out the Demo God awards, and did a little dancing.

By September 23, 2009


DemoFall preview: 10 to watch

If you can only watch 10 pitches from DemoFall, these would be good ones.

By September 7, 2008