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'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' trailer explodes with gadgets, Led Zep, 'wanton acts of mayhem'

Simon Pegg's IT skills are as important as Tom Cruise's high-speed running, jumping and driving in the second superspy trailer.

By June 4, 2015


CNET Magazine

For nearly 20 years, CNET has told the stories of technology and the people behind it with our groundbreaking website. Now we're bringing those stories to you in a new medium--print.


eBay's Instagram mega-collage zooms in on what inspires you

Artist spends three days assembling a crowdsourced collage of photos from around the world to promote an artistic new eBay venture.

By November 10, 2014


Four apps with better features than Instagram's Layout

Instagram's Layout app came out recently, but there were already a ton of collage apps to choose from and many of them are better.

By April 10, 2015


Google commemorates Martin Luther King Jr. with Selma doodle

Technically Incorrect: To celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Google uses the work of a first-time doodle artist to depict the Selma march. Apple, too, changes its home page in homage.

By January 19, 2015


Our cars: The European Grand Prix - Leon Edition

We take our trusty long termer out to the legendary Nürburgring GP circuit.

By April 12, 2014


Can e-tailer Zappos demolish the brick-and-mortar model?

Making a play to attract fashionistas, the Amazon-owned online retailer tries its hand at social experiments in a bid to convince shoppers to abandon brick-and-mortar outlets for the Internet.

By August 18, 2013


Microsoft rolls out massive Windows 8 update

As Windows 8's launch date nears, Microsoft begins to tailor its core apps like Mail and Calendar to clear the high bar set by Apple and Google while also updating the OS itself.

By October 9, 2012


Flipboard for iPhone and iPod touch out now

Flipboard, the app that arranges your social feeds into a newspaper-style collage, is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

By December 7, 2011


Skittles - the end of the homepage (as we know it)?

Branding (and all branding is online branding these days) is changing at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of message control, and the only way to still manage your brand is to not manage it. Here's the latest and very bold example: The masterfood brand

By March 3, 2009


SXSW thoughts on Twitter's past, present, future

Microblogging service may be the most pervasive broad- and narrowcasting social network, propelled by an ever-growing and sophisticated user base.

By March 22, 2009