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Yahoo inks InstallShield deal to help propagate toolbar

Partnership with Acresso Software makes it easier for 71,000 software organizations using the software installer to bundle Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

By June 5, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 740: iTunes bombing

How to get to the top of the iTunes podcast list--we think. We'll let you know Monday. Also, breaking news! Amazon goes down midshow! Was it something we said?

By June 6, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 739: One tingly pinky

Microsoft finds that we're all in increasing RSI pain thanks to laptops and mobile devices... which they continue to support with mobile versions of Windows. Um. Thanks for the info?

By June 5, 2008


Macrovision closes InstallShield deal

The maker of copy-protection technology spends $76 million on InstallShield, which makes software installation tools.

By July 1, 2004


Macrovision to pick up InstallShield

The former hopes to streamline its antipiracy technology with the latter's installation software.

By June 17, 2004


Five reasons for Palm's slide

Management errors and a failed spin-off led the company into the waiting arms of Redmond, analysts say.

By September 27, 2005


Pay-as-you-go software licensing going slow

Pricing plans designed to let companies pay only for what they actually use are proving difficult to pull off.

By October 19, 2004


IBM leads push to smooth software installation

Big Blue and partners develop spec for automatically spotting misconfigurations--part of drive to create self-managing systems.

By July 15, 2004


Week in review: Attack of the zombies

A denial-of-service outage hits Akamai and some of its top customers, and smart phones get their first-ever call from a worm.

By June 18, 2004


Anti-spam service battles bugs

A new, much-hyped service has been flooded with questions, frustrations and suggestions for improvement from the community it relies on to fight junk mail.

By June 20, 2002