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Artist creates stunning insects from old watch parts

Justin Gershenson-Gates makes incredibly complex mechanical bugs out of components found in decades-old timepieces. Crave checks in with the artist and his creepy-crawlies.

By Nov. 21, 2012


Could cyborg insects act as first responders?

DARPA-funded research looks at how to bug bugs and generate electricity from their movements and body heat.

By Nov. 27, 2011


Water-walking robot takes cue from insects

New aquatic microrobot out of China can walk and turn freely on the surface of water by mimicking insects that can do the same.

By Jul. 27, 2011


Beaver-tailed robot mimics tree-climbing insects

Climbing robot uses claws to scale telephone poles.

By May. 20, 2009


A guitar for mutants or very large insects

The "Quadruple-Neck Guitar" may be beyond humans.

By Apr. 21, 2008


Scientists put backpacks on bees to study colony collapse

Australian scientists are fitting bees with tiny sensors so they can monitor and study the insects' drastically diminishing populations.

By Jan. 14, 2014


3D-printing giant bugs out of titanium... for science!

Australia's national science agency is printing out magnified 3D copies of tiny insects in a bid to study them more closely.

By Jun. 19, 2013