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VR suits, car phones' comeback and insect brains: 8 tech predictions from Qualcomm (Q&A)

Chairman Paul Jacobs spends his time nowadays thinking about the future. He shares some of his ideas with CNET.

By June 24, 2016


Japan develops a drone to patrol farmland and destroy insect pests

Agriculture-focused drones aren't new, but this one -- unlike others -- does its job completely autonomously.

By June 21, 2016


Insects like you've never seen them before (pictures)

A British photographer uses up to 10,000 insect photos to make each of these pieces of stunningly detailed art.

12 Images By May 21, 2016


Bizarre, beautiful insect images made from 8,000 photos

What's bugging you? A British photographer painstakingly photographs every section of a specimen's body separately, then combines them for one amazing image.

By May 21, 2016


Watch a tiny insect-inspired robot fly, land and take off again

The tiny insect-like robot uses electrostatic force to cling to a variety of surface types before taking off again.

By May 19, 2016


Harvard and MIT get their insect-like robot to stick its landings

A flying robot the size of a quarter doesn't have room for take-off and landing gear, so researchers have developed a novel way for it to touch down on a variety of surfaces.'

May 19, 2016


Ancient amber proves early insects were keen on high society

"Downton Abbey" has nothing on these ants and termites. Thanks to 100-million-year-old amber, we now have even earlier proof that insects have long known something about social class.

By February 11, 2016


Helicopter lands like an insect with DARPA's robotic landing gear

It's got legs and it knows how to use them. A new experiment by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency outfits an unmanned helicopter with legs that can land on uneven surfaces.

By September 14, 2015


Flying bee robot uses an insect-inspired eye

BeeRotor is the first aerial robot that can fly over uneven terrain using visual input to stabilise -- not an accelerometer.

By March 10, 2015


Watch a hang glider endure terrifying accident (and somehow survive)

Technically Incorrect: Jon Gjerde, world championship hang glider, was performing some showy maneuvers. Then his hang glider snapped.

By July 6, 2016