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Facebook to delete prison inmates' active accounts

Social-networking giant is working with prison officials to prevent inmates from using their user accounts to deliver threats or unwanted sexual advances.

By August 9, 2011


Inmate sues over the 'right' to read Facebook from prison

Federal appeals court rejects inmate's claim of a First Amendment right to receive printouts of Facebook pages through the U.S. mail.

By October 15, 2012


Hey, want to online date an inmate?

Meet-An-Inmate.com is adorned with often alluring pictures of those in jail who would really like to meet someone nice. Some might find this faintly chilling.

By May 6, 2012


Juror's bad-coffee tweets get death row inmate new trial

Several tweets--including "the coffee sucks here"--by a juror lead an Arkansas judge to order a new trial for a death row inmate convicted of murder.

By December 8, 2011


Computer-savvy prison inmates to man call centers?

Jail authorities in India are testing a program in which computer-savvy inmates, including murderers, will man customer service call centers.

By February 1, 2011


Sheriff wants inmates to pedal for TV rights

Joe Arpaio, who calls himself "America's toughest sheriff," is providing Arizona inmates with a new amenity: cable television. But they're going to have to pedal to get the TV to work.

By April 8, 2010


Death row inmate's fate turns on the word 'hacker'

A California death row inmate's fate may depend in part on his use of the word "hacker." Enrique Zambrano, a former Berkeley, Calif., bureaucrat, used it in letters to his then-girlfriend that were introduced as evidence in his trial.

By August 10, 2007


Inmates running the Twitter asylum

The microblogging service lowers the barriers between author and reader, which for the author can be a bit uncomfortable.

By March 11, 2009


Man makes 'humorous' mugshot his Facebook profile pic

Robert Burt's new mugshot shows him wearing a T-shirt depicting his previous mugshot. Art or asinine?

By August 18, 2014


The 404 232: Where a machete is more accurate than Bill O'Reilly

Justin kicks off the show with some fresh haterade for Fox "personality" Bill O'Reilly and his views on the godless liberal city of San Francisco. Also on the show, Wilson goes hands on with the Blackberry Storm, an inmate gets $300 K for losing his genit

By November 20, 2008