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How do you type 'goal' in Spanish? Can you say 'repetitive stress injury'?

Facebook's data team reports that World Cup watching users are having quite the O-gasms when they post news of goals.

By July 2, 2014


Bruising pants help Paralympians locate injuries

A specially designed pair of pants uses pressure-sensitive film and dye packs to help athletes who can't feel pain find where they have been injured.

By June 19, 2014


Injury count rises for Russian meteorite

The latest reports say about 1,000 people were injured, mostly by glass shards sent flying by the meteor's window-shattering sonic blasts.

By February 15, 2013


Impact-sensing sports cap measures head injury

Reebok and startup MC10 team to make a smart skullcap that can be worn under helmets to measure impact to the head on athletes of any age or skill set.

By October 25, 2012


Musical glove could improve mobility after spinal cord injury

The wireless device is helping tetraplegic study participants learn songs on a keyboard while improving sensation in their hands.

By July 17, 2012


Watch this: Man uses torch on self, defies injury

A video making the rounds shows an eccentric "scientist" who has a penchant for theatrics using a torch in a way you would never expect.

By February 3, 2012


MythBusters: 4 minutes of science, 10 minutes of injuries (images)

Everyone's talking about the cannonball that the hit show accidentally fired into a California house. But the show's history is full of mishaps. Fortunately, the only injuries seem to be to the show's own hosts.

10 Images By December 7, 2011


Brain network scanning may predict injury's effects

Resting-state functional connectivity, originally developed to study brain organization, also reveals the health or damage of brain networks, according to neurologists at Washington University.

By March 23, 2010


Gaming injuries up, tree-climbing injuries down

U.K. government figures reportedly show that more children are being injured while sitting at their consoles, while injuries from traditional pursuits like skateboarding are falling.

By January 27, 2010


New tech aims to help soldiers battle limb injuries

The publicly funded Airlift Research Foundation is funding research to develop a flashlight that kills bacteria; metal implants that fight infection; and processes to regenerate bones via grafts and stem cells.

By September 9, 2011