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Taylor Swift is right: Spotify should lose its free music option

Spotify offers a free music tier that delivers a good portion of the service's paid subscription version. And that's exactly the problem.

By May 2, 2015


Super-dense pulsing star ducks behind invisibility cloak

For the first time, a distant, pulsing neutron star was there for astronomers to study -- until it disappeared. Crave's Eric Mack explains the extreme forces hiding it from view.

By January 12, 2015


'Imitation Game' and 'Men, Women and Children' lead tech-focused films of 2014

"The Imitation Game" opens the 2014 London Film Festival, heralding a number of movies exploring our complex relationship with technology.

By September 22, 2014


Steve Jobs slated to grace US postage stamp in 2015

List of approved subjects obtained by The Washington Post reflects a shift toward more popular individuals as a new revenue source for the cash-strapped service.

By February 20, 2014


The 404 763: Where we tagger easy (podcast)

In the midst of international turmoil, The 404 Podcast is your source for First World problems. So don't freak out yet, because Bitly is in no danger of closure, the RoboCop remake may still happen, cell phones don't cause cancer (hopefully), and you can now get weed from crowdsourced coupon sites.

By February 23, 2011


InGrid caught breaking and entering DIY home security market

InGrid, one of the leading developers of digital home protection services, has entered the fray with the announcement today of the direct-to-consumer availability of its Digital Home Protection system.

By October 2, 2007


On Call: Reporting a lost phone

CNET's cell phone editor gives advice on reporting a lost phone and finding a compatible phone for Verizon Wireless.

By May 6, 2009


Skivvies for your girl robot

Handmade lingerie made from recycled cans, bottles, and other materials is not so trashy after all.

By March 6, 2009


Photos: Ears-on with the Sennheiser IE 8, IE 7 and IE 6

It's ears-on time, with the new Sennheiser IE 8 earphones. We also check out the more affordable IE 7 and IE 6 models in Sennheiser's latest range

By October 21, 2008


Photos: Audio Technica's ATH-A900 headphones

We've had the £200 Audio Technica headphones wrapped around our ears for a while and our first impressions will please the vocal music fans as much as they'll disappoint the metalheads

By June 23, 2008