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Will we see an open-source IPO in 2010?

The IPO market may be set to boom, but its appetite for open-source IPOs won't really ignite until the companies cross $100 million in sales.

By December 23, 2009


WhiteHouse.gov now runs Drupal. What took it so long?

Given the U.S. federal government's widespread adoption of open source, the amazing thing is that it took so long.

By October 26, 2009


With community, Oracle can reap what Sun sowed

The enterprise software powerhouse stands to gain much from its new assets, but it first needs to learn how to work with the open-source community.

By April 24, 2009


Open-source database market shows muscles

EnterpriseDB and Ingres just reported banner years, suggesting that open source is thriving beyond MySQL in the database market.

By February 3, 2009


The top IPOs in 2008? Most will be open source, says Fortune

Open source is going public. It's about time.

By January 11, 2008


The enduring allure of Stonebraker's ideas

The database legend is puttering away at start-ups StreamBase and Vertica, but may yet have more up his sleeve.

By December 23, 2007


Big Open Source panel in Santa Clara on November 27

Big Open Source panel in Santa Clara on November 27

By November 20, 2007


Open-source databases ready for prime time? But of course

Open-source databases like MySQL and Postgres are ready for serious production applications. Why waste money on Oracle or DB2?

By August 16, 2007


Office for Mac and the interoperability divide

As an industry we are terrible at working on interoperability. The open-source world should be the one to fix this.

By July 7, 2007