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Your next set of tires might come from a terrible hipster salad ingredient

Continental Tire is working to develop tires made from dandelions, instead of relying on the rubber tree, which is finicky and grows in only one part of the world.

By June 2, 2016


Virtual reality's fragile magic ingredient

Pioneers of the new wave of VR reveal how they immerse you in other worlds, but "presence" doesn't come easily. "It's like a small bird you can very easily kill," one filmmaker says.

By February 19, 2016


What do smart kitchens need to be successful?

With the addition of cameras, connectivity and sensors, are smart kitchen appliances poised to change the way we interact with food in our home?

By January 16, 2016


Unity, the invisible but critical ingredient in your favorite games (Q&A)

CEO John Riccitiello has a mission to get more game builders to use Unity's tech and create new forms of fun, such as virtual reality.

By October 22, 2015

Editors' Take

Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet

The $150 Key Ingredient Recipe Tablet has a heat-resistant case and text-to-speech tech for a decidedly tidy connected cooking experience.

By November 25, 2014


NASA creates ingredients of life in harsh simulated space conditions

New research might shed light on how we got here by demonstrating that chemical components of our DNA could be produced in the brutal conditions of space.

By March 4, 2015


NASA is going to map the surface of asteroid Bennu

The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft travelling to asteroid Bennu will be equipped with a variety of instruments to provide a full map of the surface.

By July 25, 2016


National Junk Food Day 2016 trends: Hope you like s'mores

Yeah, yeah, kale. America's still the king of the world when it comes to creative, so-bad-they're-good snacks.

By July 20, 2016


'Shall I bad stuff?' Read a Harry Potter story written by an algorithm

A guy fed a computer the first four Potter books, but the resulting prose makes about as much sense as one of Ron's mangled spells.

By July 14, 2016


4 ways to fry perfectly round eggs every time

Forget buying an egg mold. Cook perfectly round eggs every time with stuff you already have lying around the kitchen.

By July 7, 2016