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Wreaking havoc: Ashley Madison breach shows hackers' shifting motives

Hackers claiming a moralistic purpose have a long tradition on the Internet, but they're causing much more damage than ever before.

By August 21, 2015


Feds recommend lenience for LulzSec hacker 'Sabu'

Prior to his sentencing Tuesday, prosecutors say that the hacker-turned-informant has already done his time.

By May 25, 2014


Two hackers plead guilty to LulzSec attacks on Web sites

Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis, aka "Topiary," plead guilty to DDoS attacks; two others plead not guilty. The charges centered on events in a 50-day hacking spree last year.

By June 25, 2012


Will LulzSec arrests stop high-profile hacks? Don't bet on it

The arrests may have taken out the group known as "LulzSec," but there are still untold numbers of the hacktivist group Anonymous who remain active.

By March 6, 2012


AntiSec hackers target Vanguard Defense exec

The hacktivist group says it has released 1GB of private business documents and e-mails from the defense contractor.

By August 19, 2011


FBI arrests 16 in Anonymous hacking investigation

Arrests follow raids on homes as part of more than 35 search warrants related to an attack on PayPal computers, U.S. Department of Justice says.

By July 19, 2011


Hacking group LulzSec says it's calling it quits

Group releases statement declaring that its whirlwind run of headline-grabbing exploits, involving the likes of Sony, the CIA, the U.S. Senate, and FBI partner Infragard, is coming to an end.

By June 25, 2011


Ohio male may be linked to LulzSec attacks

A male from Saint Clair Township in Ohio is under investigation for possible involvement in recent hacking attacks launched against governments Web sites in the U.S. and U.K., say Ohio news sources.

By June 29, 2011


Hackers target Sony, Nintendo and FBI partner Web site

Customer data from Sony Europe, InfraGard passwords and benign data from Nintendo server released in separate intrusions, hackers claim.

By June 3, 2011


LulzSec releases Arizona law enforcement data

Hacker group says it's targeting the agency because of its "anti-immigrant" policies.

By June 23, 2011