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Microsoft outsources internal IT to Infosys

Help desk, desk-side services, infrastructure, and application support have been outsourced to the Indian firm.

By April 13, 2010


Infosys co-chair: Mistake to erect protectionist barriers

On the eve of the G-20 meeting near London, Nandan Nilekani urges continued free flow of labor and free trade as best remedy to the global economic crisis

By March 30, 2009


Chewing on the future of outsourcing

CNET News.com's Reporters' Roundtable reacts to the Infosys CEO's predictions for the future of outsourcing. Hear the group discuss what could happen next.

November 1, 2007


Indian offshoring giant keeps growing

Infosys Technologies posts strong quarterly results, another sign that India-based companies are faring well.

By January 12, 2005


Senators demand H-1B stats from Indian firms

Two politicians, who are backing a bill designed to prevent foreigners from displacing Americans, want more information from nine companies, including heavy hitters Wipro and Infosys, about their visa practices.

By May 15, 2007


Will India's outsourcing boom ever bust?

Despite lingering anti-outsourcing sentiment in the U.S., Infosys Chairman N.R. Narayana Murthy tells CNET News.com's Charles Cooper why the momentum behind this global trend is far from spent. The interview took place in Fremont, Calif., on May 2, 2006.

November 1, 2007


Netflix, RIM, others get boot from key Nasdaq stock index

After Facebook joins the Nasdaq 100, the stock exchange drops EA, Marvell, and VeriSign from its collection of the largest 100 nonfinancial companies trading on the stock exchange.

By December 16, 2012


Facebook stock likely to get boost from inclusion in Nasdaq 100

Social-networking company's stock will be added to stock market's collection of largest companies on December 12.

By December 4, 2012


The world is flat. So what's our problem?

Budgets are tight everywhere but take a lesson from one Indian outsource giant, where employee education and retraining remains a corporate priority.

By April 1, 2009


Craving NYC: It's the Magic Mirror

The latest installment of the Crave video series.

By November 29, 2007