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Acer again takes aim at Windows RT, says it's not 'so influential'

Acer Chairman J.T. Wang says his company wants "to be realistic" about the operating system -- and has not yet decided to launch a device running the software.

By Jun. 3, 2013


Tech luminaries dominate Time's 100 Most Influential People

Each year, the publication releases its list of the most influential people in the world, and once again, technology bigwigs are among the pack leaders.

By Apr. 18, 2013


Was Napster or iTunes more influential?

The top few may be easy to name, but how would you round out the field? Read our picks and then decide for yourself.

By May. 27, 2011


Steve Jobs one of Time's 20 'most influential Americans'

The late Apple co-founder's name appears on a list of "the trailblazers, visionaries and cultural ambassadors who defined a nation."

By Jul. 25, 2012


Gore hearts Cook in writeup for Time's '100 Most Influential'

The former U.S. vice president and Apple board member extolls Tim Cook's performance as CEO following the death of legendary Steve Jobs.

By Apr. 18, 2012


Post SOPA, influential tech investor favors 'blacklisting' pirate sites

VC Fred Wilson says Google, Bing, Facebook, and Twitter should warn people when they try to log in at known pirate sites: "We don't need legislation."

By Feb. 15, 2012


Top 10 most influential music sites (photos)

Whether they were victors or flops, each of these 10 services taught important lessons about the power of and problems with digital music.

10 Images By May. 27, 2011


Steve Jobs named most influential man in gaming history

Steve Jobs has been named the most influential man in gaming, and the iPhone the most influential device in video game history.

By Nov. 4, 2011


Most influential open-source gurus? Votes are in

Open source has become as much about business as it has code. These people are seen as perpetuating the most market growth among the open-source set.

By Oct. 27, 2009


Is E3 game gathering still influential?

With the emergence of many other video game events and a lack of big hardware news, many wonder what this year's E3 will be about.

By Jul. 14, 2008