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inFamous: Second Son (PlayStation 4)

While it may not be the change of pace or innovation that die-hard Infamous purists are probably after, Second Son is still an aptly executed game worthy of your attention.

March 20, 2014


Behind the sounds of Infamous: Second Son

Creating a video game hero with superpowers like smoke and neon means figuring out what they should sound like. Sony took CNET behind the scenes to show us how it created the sound effects for new PS4 game Infamous: Second Son.

By March 21, 2014


Sony demos new Killzone, Driveclub, InFAMOUS for PS4

Sony takes the wraps off a trio of new games for its upcoming PlayStation 4 console, including follow-ups to Killzone and InFAMOUS.

By February 20, 2013


Atari dig aims to uncover infamous E.T. game cartridges

A film company plans to make a documentary about digging up the burial site of millions of unsold copies of Atari's E.T. game, one of the worst video games ever created.

By June 3, 2013


preGame 39: Sony NGP wrap-up; inFamous 2

Gaming news with highlights you care about.

By February 11, 2011


preGame 39: Sony NGP wrap-up; InFamous 2

Last week we rounded up our thoughts and impressions of Nintendo's 3D portable, the 3DS. Not to be outdone, Sony revealed the follow-up to the PSP last week in the form of the NGP (Next Generation Portable). Today we'll wrap up all of the news from last week's announcements and say what we think the NGP will cost.

By February 1, 2011


Video game interview: Nate Fox, director of inFamous

A one-on-one interview with the director of the video game inFamous, Nate Fox.

By May 28, 2009


Gaming preview: InFamous

InFamous tells the story of a man with superhuman abilities. In the open-world action game, you must decide the fate of the citizens of a city. Will you save them or help with their demise? InFamous reigns into stores on May 26, exclusively for PlayStation 3.

May 5, 2009


E3: 'Infamous' trailer

There is still little known about PS3's 'Infamous,' but one thing is sure, it's got people talking about it.

By July 13, 2007


Reddit's tidy AMA app debuts for Android users

The app tries to clear up the infamous clutter of Reddit's Ask Me Anything chats with celebrities and other notables.

By September 4, 2014