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Learn IT math lessons are designed to understand Middle School/High School Algebra as well as improve problem solving skills. The App makes math...



Draw graphs of mathematical functions in a coordinate system.

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4.5 stars Users' rating out of 53 reviews
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Provide a powerful equation plotter with numerical and calculus features.

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Inequality Kickoff

Ready to play?In Inequality kickoff, it's your job to set up the football on the field for the perfect kick! Set up the ball according to the given...


Inequality for All

Were in the biggest economic slump since the Great Depression, and we cant seem to get out of it. Why? Because, exactly as in the 1920s, so much of...


Graphing Calculator 3D

Plot high quality 2D and 3D graphs of math equations and tables.

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Advanced Grapher

Plot a variety of graphs.

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Australia21 Inequality Application

This application is designed to provide information on the work of Australia21 on inequality in Australia. We believe that urgent conversations are...

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Mathematics Inequality Game

Mathematics Inequality Game.Tap the right Sign! That's all.


Personal Algebra Tutor

Solve a wide variety of high school and college algebra problems.

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Behind Kickstarter's bold move to focus on 'positive impact' (Q&A)

CEO Yancey Strickler says the crowdfunding site's new status as a public benefit corporation will further its goal to be a "place of empowerment for artists," even if the decision puts a pinch on profits.

By September 28, 2015


Billionaire who sold Minecraft to Microsoft is sad and lonely

Technically Incorrect: In a series of tweets, Markus Persson says he's never felt more isolated.

By August 30, 2015


Bill Maher on Airbnb: Who actually wants strangers in their house?

Technically Incorrect: The comedian takes to his HBO show to excoriate the sharing economy as nothing more than the desperate economy, where Americans are merely trying to adapt to increasing inequality.

By August 23, 2015


The eerie robots of 'Humans' hold a black mirror to our darkest fears

AMC and Channel 4's new TV show sees smiling, servile "synths" in every home... but is it them or us who should be feared?

By June 13, 2015


'We tell Spotify no, YouTube does it anyway': The music industry's love-hate relationship with YouTube

At Liverpool's Sound City conference, record business insiders discuss the world's biggest music platform and its "big scary lawyers".

By May 22, 2015


Luxury SF bus company Leap Transit service suspended over permits

Bus company that shuttles commuters around San Francisco temporarily halts service after getting a state cease-and-desist order related to its permits.

By May 20, 2015


Is #WomenInTech a 'useless' meme?

Genevieve Bell, tech's most famous cultural anthropologist, believes the industry has a problem with all kinds of people -- not just women.

By May 8, 2015


Robert Downey Jr. says Apple Watch is meh

Technically Incorrect: In another exciting interview to promote the new Avengers movie, Iron Man says Apple's new watch is small and not terribly interesting. He prefers his Omega.

By April 25, 2015


Do private high-tech commuter buses jibe with public transportation?

Jitney-like shuttle startups, such as Leap and Chariot, have been criticized as being elite services that compete with mass transit, but urban planners don't quite see it that way.

By April 12, 2015


'Imagine grenades going off around you': Halo's Mike Colter on acting for games and being a Marvel hero

As "Daredevil" lands on Netflix, we meet the next Marvel superhero to talk Luke Cage, Marvel's web of secrecy, and why actors shouldn't be fanboys.

By April 9, 2015