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Behold the incredible, indestructible soccer ball

This soccer ball made from materials similar to those found in Crocs can survive being stabbed and run over by a car, making it perfect for soccer fans around the world.

By June 27, 2014


Virtually indestructible sapphire smartphone screen

Sapphire isn't just for jewels. You can also use it to make extremely strong phone displays.

By March 4, 2013


TDL-4: The 'indestructible' botnet?

Researchers at Kaspersky say the TDL-4 is extremely sophisticated and has already infected 4.5 million computers around the globe.

By June 30, 2011


Indestructible tech assumes the worst

Whether it's iPad cases, flash drives, or FireWire storage devices, consumer tech designers must think we're a bunch of clods. But maybe we're not the problem.

By May 9, 2011


Indestructible-gadget overload (photos)

A quick look at gadget cases and rough-and-tumble devices from the sublime to the ridiculous. Are we so careless that we really need these?

11 Images May 9, 2011


'Indestructible' phone asks for torture

"World's toughest phone" begs to be abused; we say, bring it on!

By December 5, 2007


Freestyle Audio DMP: 'Indestructible' waterproof MP3 player

This is Freestyle Audio's brand new, fully submersible MP3 player and the company claims it's almost completely indestructible. Sounds like a wager to us

By March 23, 2007


Dell launches sorta-indestructible laptop

Dell launches a sorta-indestructible laptop.

By January 16, 2007


Scoop: Kyocera developing smartphone with sapphire crystal display

An industry source confirmed to CNET that an online video shows Kyocera developing a smartphone equipped with a sapphire screen.

By July 10, 2014


And now for the alleged iPhone 6 extreme sandpaper test

The supposed iPhone 6 sapphire screen, already featured in a torture test, gets tortured a little more with two types of sandpaper.

By July 20, 2014