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Cloud governance is about more than security

Legal and regulatory procedures, transparency, service levels, indemnification, and more are all part of a broader governance landscape that requires IT to work closely with business users.

By February 9, 2011


Microsoft to expand indemnification

Expanded legal protections for device makers creating products with Windows Mobile and Window Embedded OS.

By February 9, 2006


Why should a customer care about IP assurance?

IP indemnification is such a worthless piece of rubbish it's a wonder anyone asks about it. But everyone does.

By February 1, 2008


How to fight against patent terrorism

Attorney Richard Wilder says CIOs will increasingly need to weigh indemnification policies before making purchases.

January 6, 2005


Intel settles Intergraph suit for $225 million

The companies' third patent infringement lawsuit comes to an end--and reveals an unusual indemnification agreement between Intel and Dell.

By March 30, 2004


Novell offers legal protection for Linux

SuSE Linux customers will get some legal indemnification for using the open-source OS, the fourth legal umbrella to emerge from an industry grappling with threats brought by SCO.

By January 13, 2004


Commentary: HP gives Linux a boost

Hewlett-Packard's simple indemnification strategy removes a critical risk and clears the path for customers to run Linux on HP gear.

September 25, 2003


Dell: No shelter against SCO suits

CEO Michael Dell says that despite his company's embrace of Linux on its servers, it won't be offering customers indemnification against lawsuits from the SCO Group.

By September 2, 2003