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British Library asks for help deciphering a medieval sword

An as-yet indecipherable inscription on a sword dating back to 800 years ago has researchers at the British Library flummoxed.

By August 9, 2015


VizLingo converts texts to indecipherable videos. Why?

An experiment in post-literacy doesn't do much to increase comprehension.

By August 29, 2011


The 404 340: Where Wilson was smart enough not to come to work today

Molly Wood joins us on today's show and we chat about various undesirables from around the Internet. First, it's the return of the Montauk Monster, everyone's favorite gnarled-up, indecipherable creature who occasionally washes up on the shores of eastern Long Island. Is this a real animal or some hoax that is running out of steam?

By May 12, 2009


Tell time in Morse code

The latest indecipherable watch from Tokyoflash.

By August 24, 2007


Streaming BBC iPlayer video to your TV

The main problem is that the BBC bods have given the files indecipherable names rather than 'rubbish Louis Walsh documentary', so you have to use a bit of guesswork to show what you want

By August 6, 2007


Numbers still don't help us tell time

Another watch, another indecipherable face

By December 11, 2006


Report: Y2K fix disrupts U.S. spy satellites for days, not hours

A computer patch intended to avert Y2K glitches reportedly turns the flow of data from five spy satellites into indecipherable garble for nearly three days.

January 13, 2000