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Road Trip 2010

Check out the East Coast's best geek-oriented spots.


Oppo N1

With its swiveling camera mount and high tech specs, the Oppo N1 is easily today's most innovative smartphone that most people haven't heard of.

December 23, 2013

4 stars Editors' rating December 23, 2013

MSRP: $574.00


How to find the nearest In-N-Out

In-N-Out Burger's iOS app is helpful when you get that In-N-Out urge.

By January 23, 2012


The famous In-N-Out 100x100

By March 1, 2006


Nokia N9 starts shipping; U.S. customers out of luck

The MeeGo-based smartphone will set consumers back 480 to 560 euros--that's $649 to $755--depending on the version they're after.

By September 27, 2011


Sony rolls out SMP-N200 streaming box

Today at Cedia, Sony announced the SMP-N200, the successor to its original "Netbox," the SMP-N100.

By September 7, 2011


B&N rolls out 1.5 firmware update for e-ink Nooks

Barnes & Noble is now offering a major firmware update--version 1.5--for its Nook e-reader that offers feature and performance enhancements.

By November 22, 2010


Down the Dumper: Nokia N8 and HD DVD out in Greatest Gadget first round

The first round of voting in our joyous Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament is over and some mighty tech just couldn't quite cut the mustard.

By November 15, 2010


Nokia N8 on Vodafone from 22 October, BlackBerry Torch out now

Vodafone has announced the Nokia N8 will ship to those who have pre-ordered on 22 October, while you can buy the BlackBerry Torch now.

By October 1, 2010


Is Symbian out for the Nokia N-Series?

Nokia's Symbian platform will make way for MeeGo on its flagship N-Series models, with the older system to power the company's mid-tier products in the future.

By June 23, 2010


Buzz Out Loud 1210: Hug a n00b (podcast)

Ubisoft is doing away with paper manuals, which means gaming n00bs will be forever stuck in virtual corners trying to figure out the right button combination for re-load. Also, Apple wants its secret iPhone back and Molly just wants you to know that next time you find a top-secret prototype in a bar, you should call her instead of Gizmodo. Oh, and if you want porn, buy an Android phone, says Steve Jobs. Good day for Android.

By April 20, 2010