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To listen to music or not: That is the question

Apparently, CNET writer Geoffrey Morrison thinks music is best enjoyed as background "soundtrack" for other activities. The Audiophiliac feels otherwise.

By March 30, 2014


The world's most beautiful turntables

CD players may be a dying breed, but turntables aren't going away. We've rounded up some of the coolest looking turntables on the planet!

By March 17, 2012


From groovy turntables to tasty wines at Newport Beach's T.H.E. Show

High-end audio shows are a great way to see and hear the very best gear. CNET's Steve Guttenberg is getting good feedback about the goings-on at T.H.E. Show: Newport, being held this weekend in Southern California.

By June 4, 2011


The 'groovy' highway hi-fis of the 1950s

Turntables in cars looked like the next big thing in 1956.

By September 21, 2011


Audio Arts: NYC's newest high-end audio emporium

For those who really care about sound quality and like to listen before they buy, brick-and-mortar hi-fi shops are essential.

By July 13, 2011


Spinning DJ Hero 2

Sony launches a new line of Vaio machines, Google Maps can now be sent to your Ford Sync navigation system, and Activision announces DJ Hero 2 with Lady Gaga of course.

By June 8, 2010


Who invented high-end audio?

Harry Pearson, who coined the term "high end," spoke at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, held last week in Denver.

By October 10, 2009


Photos: Hands-on with the Klipsch Palladium P-39F

If you're looking to spend £14,000 of a new pair of floorstanding speakers, we've just got back from France after looking a just such a pair you might want to consider

By October 7, 2008


A vinyl converter for the midlife crisis

Retro design is ideal for retiring Boomers.

By May 13, 2008


Last chance to vote and win £3,300 worth of kit!

The best things in life are free. Vote by Friday in our reader awards poll to win prizes totalling up to £3,300, because sadly these prizes won't come to those who wait

By October 9, 2007