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One year on, Tizen has its sights set on smartwatches and cars

A year after Samsung first showed Tizen on a phone, CNET looks at where the open-source OS stands now and where it's headed next.

By February 25, 2014


Exploding Samsung had been put in a microwave

The GS3 that reportedly "exploded" in a car charger, according to its owner, had actually been placed in a microwave.

By July 8, 2012


20 biggest tech innovations of my lifetime that I actually use

If you were to make a list of the biggest tech innovations that you use personally, what might it include? Here's my list. Share yours on Twitter using #MyTopTech.

By January 4, 2013


Mobile microwave for fast meals on the go

Mini portable microwave runs off your car battery, or 12V-accessory socket. Gives new meaning to fast food.

By August 15, 2008


Portable microwave for the road

Can plug into any standard car cigarette lighter

By March 8, 2007


Watch where you go

CNET.com.au looks at your options for portable video playback.

By October 14, 2004


Formula One gives Wind River green flag

New rules permit pit crews to send electronic commands to the car to change its configuration while on the track. Wind River Systems is revving its engine.

By May 14, 2002