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Exploding Samsung had been put in a microwave

The GS3 that reportedly "exploded" in a car charger, according to its owner, had actually been placed in a microwave.

By July 8, 2012


Scientist's $40 microwave zaps better heat-to-power materials

Rensselaer researchers say sulfur-doped and microwave-cooked nanomaterials could lead to refrigerators with no moving parts or cars that make electricity from waste heat.

By January 18, 2012


New Apple patent means no more microwaving your iPod

A newly published patent application shows a new sensor system that could make it easier for Apple to tell all the bad things users are doing to their iPhones.

By August 6, 2009


Mobile microwave for fast meals on the go

Mini portable microwave runs off your car battery, or 12V-accessory socket. Gives new meaning to fast food.

By August 15, 2008


Portable microwave for the road

Can plug into any standard car cigarette lighter

By March 8, 2007


Chill and nuke from the comfort of your garage

Never leave the garage again with this fridge and microwave combo.

By March 17, 2009


'Star Trek' Borg cube mini-fridge: Refrigeration isn't futile

This particular Borg cube wants to assimilate your beverages and food to keep them at optimum temperatures for consumption.

By July 29, 2014


One year on, Tizen has its sights set on smartwatches and cars

A year after Samsung first showed Tizen on a phone, CNET looks at where the open-source OS stands now and where it's headed next.

By February 25, 2014


Samsung Galaxy S3 didn't explode, owner 'fesses up

The burning was due to an external energy source and was a silly mistake, says the owner.

By July 7, 2012


Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF detector for hunting hauntings

The Mr. Ghost EMF detector for the iPhone may be the perfect sidekick for ghost hunters, but it looks like fun for believers and non-believers alike.

By December 4, 2012