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US to push for mandatory car-to-car wireless communications

The government believes vehicle-to-vehicle data links will help improve driver safety, and will push for legislation requiring it in "a future year."

By February 3, 2014


Experimental brake lights wirelessly communicate with other vehicles

Experimental technology from automaker Ford attempts to notify drivers behind you when you're braking, even if they can't see you.

By June 26, 2013


Following communications, Bluetooth gets its teeth into in-car entertainment, navigation

Following communications, Bluetooth gets its teeth into in-car entertainment, navigation

By August 31, 2006


BMW videos demo Car-to-X Communication

BMW released some videos that show its vehicles communicating with other cars and traffic technology to make driving safer.

By August 12, 2011


Ford uses vehicle communication to prevent accidents

Ford demonstrates how its vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology can prevent accidents.

By June 1, 2011


AT&T to provide connectivity, communication in future BMW models

AT&T today announced it will deliver a suite of safety, information, and entertainment services for future BMW models.

By January 5, 2011


Volvo On Call app lets you communicate with your car, tracks thieves

Volvo's new On Call app will let drivers pinpoint the location of their vehicles, activate the door locks, and save journey information to a spreadsheet.

By June 9, 2011


Car-to-car communication trialled in SA

New smart technology that allows cars to talk to each other and avoid crashes will be trialled in South Australia.

By May 30, 2011


mVox Duo Communicator

The mVox Duo Communicator has multiple uses and adds voice command capabilities to any phone, though it is a very bulky and unattractive device.

June 14, 2007

3.5 stars Editors' rating June 14, 2007

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Ford and Microsoft in Sync for in-car infotainment

Ford and Microsoft release details of Sync in-car entertainment and communications system.

By January 7, 2007