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This Lego Doom build will haunt your nightmares

Lego artist Iain Heath built an incredible 6-foot-long Lego model of scenes from the 1993 classic video game Doom.

By September 29, 2014


Internet co-creator Vint Cerf welcomes IPv6 elbow room (Q&A)

Google's Internet evangelist, responsible for the address shortage on today's Internet, is anxious for IPv6 improvements. Also: his views on U.N. regulation, censorship, bandwidth caps, and .google.

By June 5, 2012


HealthLinx identifies novel ovarian cancer biomarker

Researchers demonstrate for the first time that the previously reported metastasis-inducing protein can be detected in the blood of ovarian cancer patients.

By February 10, 2010


The speed of technology's 'creative destruction'

The Internet, built on open source, may well hasten the creation and demise of tech start-ups, but companies focused on long-term customer value will thrive.

By December 10, 2009


Miyowa's InTouch5: Cell phone contact evolved

Miyowa's new platform InTouch 5 is a lot more than just an address book.

By August 5, 2008


MagicBox Imp: Radio goodness, Internet style

The MagicBox Imp is, well, magic. Decked out in modernist iPod white and brushed metal (don't worry, it'll be retro by Christmas), this stumpy little gizmo is a Wi-Fi linked Net radio player we know you're going to like

By June 19, 2006


Inovix IMP-5500 IPocket: faking it

As global environmental apocalypse draws ever closer, what's your soundtrack to armageddon? The IPocket poses this question and others

By June 16, 2006

Editors' Take

Sik Imp

SiK's clever little Imp car kit charges up your iPod and includes a fixed volume audio output.

January 6, 2006

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iRiver iMP

If you're looking for an MP3 CD player, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better choice at any price.

September 23, 2003

4 stars Editors' rating September 23, 2003

Utilities Updates: Impression 2.6; Snard 2.4; Apimac Address Book 5.9.1; more

Utilities Updates: Impression 2.6; Snard 2.4; Apimac Address Book 5.9.1; more

By July 13, 2004