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What's next for e-readers: a Mirasol in the making?

Wondering what's on tap for e-readers in 2011? Here's a preview of what we expect to see at CES 2011 in Las Vegas in January.

By December 15, 2010


Apple's iSlate: What we know for sure

Amidst all the excitement about the possible entry of Apple into the tablet market, let's consider what is truly known, as opposed to speculated, about the new product.

By December 26, 2009


Siggraph 2007 wrap-up

Glaskowsky covers a final few bits about the conference--big pictures from Microsoft, small displays from Qualcomm, and fast displays from Field Emissions Technologies.

By August 12, 2007


Meet Mr. I-mode

Because of bets NTT's Kei-ichi Enoki laid down years ago, the Japanese carrier is leading the way in cell phone evolution.

By February 2, 2005


Getting the skinny on mobile displays

How do you build a better screen for cell phones? The industry thinks it may have some answers. Photos: Tiny, thin LCDs

By October 5, 2006


Japan's I-mode bound for Britain

U.K., Ireland and Germany to get leading Japanese technology via British operator mmO2.

By November 30, 2004


New cell phone screens battery-friendly

Mobile phone screen technology in development can keep displays running all day, thanks to the sun and water. Photos: 3D screens

By June 9, 2006


MEMS the word as micro devices catch on

Once obscure, microelectromechanical systems are poised to enter the consumer products marketplace in force.

December 19, 2005