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Apple store crazy lady immortalized by Backstreet Boys

You remember the lady who went nuts in an Apple store because she couldn't just walk in and get the part she needed? Jimmy Kimmel persuades the Backstreet Boys to turn her rant into music.

By July 31, 2013


Creepy realistic vampire baby dolls are immortal

Artist Bean Shanine takes ultra-realistic Reborn baby dolls and turns them into creepy creatures from beyond humanity.

By January 29, 2013


Ito: Think twice about immortality and the singularity

The director of the MIT Media Lab said sci-fi visions of computers and humans emphasize the wrong priorities for development. Technological progress should aim for resilience, not efficiency.

By January 25, 2013


Action figures immortalized in artsy lamps

Do you yearn for some geek-gaudy home decor that truly shows off your affection for the nerdy? If so, these lamps should turn you on.

By June 14, 2012


Digital novel 'The New World' offers more than a good story

"The New World," a digital novel by Chris Adrian and Eli Horowitz, tackles topics like love, grief, memory, and immortality. Special e-book design elements add to the immersive experience.

By August 15, 2014


This Week in Crave: The immortal edition

Too busy applying for your free iPhone case to stay up on all Crave goings-on? Here's some of what you missed while you were telling Apple why you need a bumper.

By July 17, 2010


We'll be immortal in 20 years, says Kurzweil

Celebrated inventor and singularity specialist Ray Kurzweil believes science is moving at such rapid speed that we will all be able to live forever, starting soon.

By September 23, 2009


LOOP concept makes your PC (almost) immortal

Industrial designer Jocko Chan created a PC design for Dell that uses no screws at all, making disassembly and upgrades a breeze.

By June 15, 2009


Mario, Link, and Mega Man immortalized in Lego mosaics

Video game mosaics get resurrected in Lego form.

By April 27, 2009


Immortalize spring break stupor with Canon's new portable printer

Canon just announced a new addition to its line of compact photo printers: the Selphy CP780.

By February 18, 2009