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Your privacy is variable: Iminta gets it

New social feed aggergator allows users to control who, exactly, sees what

By Feb. 11, 2008


FriendFeed is not the new Twitter. Is it?

A new search feature makes FriendFeed more useful, but it's still frustrating.

By Mar. 17, 2008


Socialthing monitors your online life at home and on the go

Track the progress of your friends with Socialthing.

By Mar. 7, 2008


FriendFeed tells you what your friends are up to online

But the service requires your friends to sign up first. Will they?

By Feb. 25, 2008


FriendFeed's goal: More than just a feed aggregator

The current site only reveals a portion of the founders' vision.

By Apr. 2, 2008


Night of the living apps

10 quirky apps you probably haven't seen before

By Mar. 3, 2008