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Imagine your face as your future iPhone password

A newly awarded Apple patent describes a way to use facial features to activate and use your iPhone and other devices.

By Dec. 3, 2013


Galaxy S4: Imagine it impossibly thin, with laser keyboard

The expectations for the next Samsung flagship phone keep getting higher and higher. A new concept video shows some potentially iPhone-killing features.

By Dec. 27, 2012


Two members of piracy group IMAGiNE get prison terms

Two men who sought a reputation for being first to release in-theater movies to the Internet are headed to prison.

By Nov. 2, 2012


Crave readers imagine their dream Apple product

We asked readers to paint a picture of their ultimate Apple product, and they dreamed up everything from a souped-up iPod Nano watch to gesture-controlled headphones and iEye augmented-reality contact lenses.

By Apr. 19, 2012


Designers imagine what Siri looks like (photos)

What would Apple's iPhone assistant Siri look like if she took a real 3D form? Shapeways contest winners and honorable mentions have some wild imaginings.

6 Images By Mar. 1, 2012


Imagine! Nokia shows it still has a pulse

The jury remains out, but the handset company is showing just enough spunk to defend its global turf and maybe even innovate along the way.

By Oct. 27, 2011


Imagine Apple with an MBA at top, no Steve Jobs

Apple would probably cease to exist if it was run by a cutthroat MBA texbook-thumping executive. Innovation and product risk-taking just isn't in their DNA.

By Jul. 16, 2011


Lifelens malaria app wins Microsoft 'Imagine Cup' grant

Microsoft announces that Team Lifelens of the U.S., a finalist in the 2011 Imagine Cup competition, has won a $75,000 grant.

By Jan. 27, 2012


Ep. 1463: Imagine the Earth wrapped in Honey

NASA proves Einstein is still a genius, just in case you forgot. Anonymous officially denies being involved in hacking the Playstation Network, Facebook and Google want Skype, and we're getting even closer to a world of digital distribution. Apple and EA are going to make sure of it.

By May. 5, 2011


HumanCar Imagine PS is a crank-powered muscle car

The future of motoring is in cars powered by human muscles. Don't fret -- we're not talking about blending people to a pulp and pouring their liquefied remains into a petrol tank.

By Aug. 23, 2010