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Samsung Illusion SCH-I110 (Verizon Wireless)

The Samsung Illusion is a wholly decent midrange smartphone that won't wow you, but mostly delivers. However, there are a few flaws.

By Nov. 28, 2011

3.5 stars Editor's rating Nov. 28, 2011

Amazing illusion: Watch water flow like never before

A video shows how a camera trick and a little audio know-how can result in a stunning water spectacle.

By Mar. 13, 2013


Samsung Illusion (Verizon)

If it's an all-around good Android smartphone you're after, the Illusion is worth checking out.

By Dec. 16, 2011


Samsung Illusion review: It does the job

Verizon's Samsung Illusion isn't a flashy phone, but thanks to Android 2.3 Gingerbread and decent hardware, it'll be reliable.

By Dec. 2, 2011


Samsung Illusion photos and camera test

The Samsung Illusion is a middle-of-the road Android 2.3 phone for Verizon, and has a 3.2-megapixel camera. We take a look at the phone and its photos here.

9 Images By Nov. 28, 2011


Eye-popping illusion lets you write with gaze alone

In an innovation that could benefit the disabled, a French researcher finds a way to trick the eyes into moving more smoothly so they can be used like a pencil to write cursive.

By Jul. 26, 2012


Verizon's Samsung Illusion appears Nov. 23

The Android 2.3 Gingerbread Samsung Illusion will be free for a limited time.

By Nov. 22, 2011


Samsung spoiler 'proves' its Illusion real

A Flickr image that's since been made private has apparently revealed a few things about Verizon's Samsung Illusion running Android.

By Sep. 19, 2011


Tokyoflash optical illusion watch will make your eyes cross

Sure, you could go the easy route and get a digital watch, but why not make telling time more of a challenge with the Tokyoflash Kisai Optical Illusion watch?

By Jan. 25, 2012


This PC is an Illusion

An entry into Microsoft's Next-Gen PC design competition uses a visual magic trick so it appears the computer lacks any parts inside.

By Mar. 25, 2008