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Illinois court throws out 'Amazon tax' online sales law

The decision marks the first time a court has said the state law forcing Illinois-based marketing affiliates to collect sales tax violates federal rules.

By October 18, 2013


Illinois police post video of red light runners on Facebook

Weekly video posted on police department's Facebook page shows vehicles caught by the town's only red light traffic camera.

By June 21, 2012


Amazon ends affiliate program in Illinois

Internet retailer cuts off affiliates after Illinois' governor signs bill requiring in-state affiliates to collect state sales tax on purchases made by Illinois residents.

By March 11, 2011


Should Illinois sex offenders be kicked off the Net?

Forget MySpace. A new Illinois law says sex offenders can't use Google, Yahoo, Amazon, and many other popular Web sites.

By August 13, 2009


Pluto is a planet again! (in Illinois)

Pluto was excommunicated from the planet world in 2006. Now, the Illinois state senate has decided that the excommunication vote was invalid and that it will reinstate the planet.

By March 6, 2009


Woman posts Facebook pic in allegedly stolen dress (store notices)

An Illinois woman is arrested after a local boutique puts out an alert about a distinctive neon leopard print dress.

By July 21, 2014


Illinois official drops attempt to unveil creator of fake MySpace profile

MySpace won't have to reveal name of spoof profile creator in case involving Illinois official who declined to provide details of alleged defamation.

By June 13, 2008


Woman gets $50 fine for Facebook comment

A county employee interprets the woman's Facebook comment to mean she visited an Illinois dog park without a permit.

By May 29, 2014