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Paulo Coelho: Ignore the Web's anonymous; they're miserable

In a Twitter post, the author encourages people to ignore anyone who hides behind anonymity on the Web. But don't fiction writers hide behind their stories?

By Apr. 16, 2014


eBay tells shareholders to ignore Icahn's appeals

The company wants investors to simply discard any proxy card sent to them from Carl Icahn in advance of the annual meeting in May.

By Mar. 25, 2014


Even with cool features and an intuitive interface, the issues are too much to ignore (pictures)

In a sea of photo editing apps at the App Store, ProCamera 7 wants to be the camera app for the iPhone, but it still has some problems.

9 Images By Dec. 3, 2013


10 reasons why you should ignore tech posts that begin with '10 reasons why'

There's a terrible trend toward summating everything in listicles. How can there ever be exactly 10 reasons for anything?

By Oct. 27, 2013


How to ignore texts on Android

Use one app to help you control alerts from annoying people who won't stop texting you.

By Feb. 17, 2012


Ignore your dull family, says new Facebook Home ad

Admit it, your family is just awful. Your Facebook friends are more important and interesting, says a new Facebook ad.

By Apr. 15, 2013


Yahoo will ignore Do Not Track for IE10 users

Microsoft's decision to turn on Do Not Track by default in the next Internet Explorer -- instead of leaving users to opt out -- prompts Yahoo to ignore it.

By Oct. 26, 2012


Ignore the hype surrounding Facebook's first earnings report

It's simply too early to get depressed, excited, or furious. Even Facebook doesn't know where it's heading yet.

By Jul. 26, 2012


Gamers ignore corpse in Internet cafe

In Taiwan, a man dies while gaming In an Internet cafe. Reports suggest no one notices for 9 hours. But, regardless of how long he was actually dead, how could it be that no gamer notices until a waitress finally thinks to check?

By Feb. 4, 2012


Ignore event invites on Facebook

You aren't the only one with a Facebook friend who sends you invite after invite for events. Did you know you can ignore all event invites from a particular friend or friends? Follow along as we show you how.

By Aug. 15, 2011