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Ex-IGE chief: Margins are shrinking

Brock Pierce, CEO of the holding company that used to own IGE, says the margins for virtual goods are shrinking rapidly, due in large part to Chinese competition.

By June 22, 2007


'Gold farming' good for multiplayer games?

Virtual goods have a place in gaming, and developing countries may well gain from them, but there are risks associated with trading virtual gold--including destroying the game experience.

By October 2, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 735: Ind_na Jo__es

Paramount is dropping sounds out of your movies to prevent piracy; Canadian customs guards might be rifling through your laptop for ripped CDs; and aliens are real.

By May 30, 2008


Report: 'World of Warcraft' fan site sold for $1 million

According to a blogged report, the WoW fan site Wowhead has been sold to IGE parent Affinity Media.

By June 22, 2007


Blizzard suing 'WoW' gold sellers

The World of Warcraft publisher is suing a gold-selling operation in federal court, demanding that the outfit stop in-world spamming efforts.

By May 30, 2007


Weekend Webware: Buy your way in to 'World of Warcraft' with Sparter

Want to level up but don't have the time? Buy your way in with Sparter.

By February 16, 2007


eBay bans auctions of virtual goods

Sales of items from Warcraft and Everquest are now a no-no, but eBay gives the OK for items from Second Life.

By January 29, 2007


Virtual magnate shares secrets of success

Ailin Graef, aka Anshe Chung, may be Second Life's best-known resident. Making money there, she says, comes down to finding a niche.

By December 20, 2006


Real money in a virtual world

Multiplayer online games spawn burgeoning virtual economy that's increasingly popular, profitable and controversial.

October 24, 2005


Online exchange dumps 'Second Life'

Facing competition from virtual world's publisher, a leading exchange for game's currency decides to cut and run.

By September 29, 2005