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J.K. Rowling on the reaction to a black Hermione: 'Idiots were going to idiot'

On the eve of previews for a Harry Potter play, the author discusses the casting of a black actress as Hermione and releases a video begging fans to keep the new story's secrets.

By June 6, 2016


Apple and Tidal: Because only an idiot refuses a meeting with Jay Z

Tidal offers Apple more star power, but selling out could jeopardize the one thing that makes it valuable.

By July 1, 2016


GMC Acadia's Rear Seat Reminder caters to the idiots in our midst

If you're the type to accidentally leave living beings and perishable items inside a hot car, you need more help than a car can provide.

By June 14, 2016


ISIS calls Anonymous 'idiots,' offers tips to elude hackers

Islamic terrorist group trades jabs with the hacking collective that vowed to banish it from the Internet after the deadly attacks in Paris.

By November 17, 2015


Spotify vs. Tidal: 4 reasons I now prefer Jay-Z's music streaming service

Commentary: Here's why Tidal is my music service of choice. At least for now.

By July 18, 2016


Magical moment! See what happens when the two Hermiones meet

Emma Watson shared numerous photos of herself with Noma Dumezweni, who plays the adult version of her Harry Potter character.

By July 7, 2016


Has technology made us more independent?

Technically Incorrect: As Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook have risen to become dominant forces, have Americans become more their true, free selves?

By July 4, 2016


Teachers out at prep school after nasty Slack messages about students are revealed

Technically Incorrect: Several teachers privately called the kids "idiots" and worse; then screenshots of their chats were circulated, say reports.

By June 26, 2016


Not-so-magical Harry Potter live Q&A disappoints 'Fantastic' fans

What was that? A much-hyped streaming movie discussion revealed nothing about next Potter film.

By June 22, 2016


'Game of Thrones' actor says what we were all thinking

Spoilers ahead, but let's just say that in Westeros, sometimes a straight line isn't the best path to survival.

By June 22, 2016