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Board a 'Star Trek' dating site and find someone Worf falling for

Are you a clingy Klingon or a doomed Red Shirt when it comes to dating? Instead of playing Picard-to-get, look for love logically on a site that takes an extra-personalized approach to "Star Trek" matchmaking.

By February 14, 2015


Dictionary.com launches new app for word nerds

In honour of Dictionary Day, Dictionary.com has launched a brand new iOS app, with a luxuriance of lexical treats for logophiles.

By October 16, 2014


Canadian penny bites the dust. Is the nickel next?

Canada's mint stops distributing the cent, citing cost and inconvenience, and leaving Crave's Tim Hornyak feeling a bit nostalgic. Some want the nickel to disappear too.

By February 4, 2013


Virgin Media 100Mbps broadband launches today in four lucky towns

Virgin Media's 100Mbps super-fast broadband service is live today in four towns. Click here to find out where, and be assailed by a torrent of timeworn regional stereotypes.

By December 8, 2010


IBM taps into group language translation

IBM employees are testing n.Fluent, software that can instantly translate documents between English and 11 other languages.

By November 23, 2009


The 404 418: Where it's Dong Ngo we're talking about here

This is Dong Ngo we're talking to here!

By September 3, 2009


SpeakLike translates chatting as you go

Translation services disguised as chat application.

By January 29, 2008


Hello? Is this thing on?

Welcome to Digital Noise, a blog about music and technology.

By June 13, 2007


Commentary: Price of spam too high for struggling ISPs

Gartner says PSINet's so-called pink contract allowing spam shows poor business judgment--and will likely turn out to be a costly decision.

November 8, 2000


eBay faces international checkpoints

The online auction giant's intention to sell products around the world using language translation software makes its stock take off faster than a transcontinental jet.

August 18, 2000