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Google has access to medical data of 1.6M UK patients

The data, held by AI subsidiary DeepMind, includes patient HIV status, recorded overdoses and abortions.

By April 29, 2016


Identify that bird with the Merlin Bird ID app

Free app from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology might just turn you into a birder.

By June 16, 2015


The Division dev responds to cheating and exploit concerns, outlines new penalties

Ubisoft is making changes in the hopes of delivering a "smooth, high-quality experience."

By April 29, 2016


Science identifies the best in-flight meal (if you care about taste)

If you have to endure the horror of a meal on an airplane, a new study out of Cornell says some tastes are more intense than others. Order accordingly.

By May 19, 2015


Facebook's Sandberg says she identifies with Ellen Pao

The more powerful and successful a woman becomes, the less she's liked, says the "Lean In" author.

By April 24, 2015


Ford lights make it hard to spot police cars

Think you're good at spotting unmarked cop cars? Think again. These LED lights from Ford are designed to make the Police Interceptor Utility vehicle very hard to identify.

By April 8, 2016


Rare Civil War-era shipwreck discovered in the ocean

A critical piece of American Civil War history sits on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean as researchers work to identify the well-preserved mystery ship.

By March 7, 2016


NASA's Kepler telescope identifies new 'Super Earth'

Rallying back from a mechanical failure, the telescope helps confirm the existence of an exoplanet 2.5 times the diameter of Planet Earth.

By December 19, 2014


Intel plans to make construction helmets safer

Intel shows off its Daqri smart helmet at CES 2016. The helmet has an Intel processor and RealSense technology, along with X-ray vision to help identify problems in the field.

January 5, 2016


Facebook is relaxing its real-name policy

The social-networking giant said it will loosen rules for how people identify themselves on its service, and protect them from being harassed by others.

By December 15, 2015