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Exclusive: Twhirl gets pushy with Identi.ca

Nanoblog app gets updates from open-source service via XMPP. We're still waiting for similar support from Twitter.

By July 20, 2008


Identi.ca--open-source Twitter?

An open-source Twitter might create a true communication utility.

By July 3, 2008


Facebook has problems, Diaspora isn't one of them

Diaspora, a new "anti-Facebook" open-source social network, responds to Facebook's privacy problems, but will struggle for users if it remains overly complex.

By May 12, 2010


Tearing down Twitter's walls

Twitter is king of microblogging today, but if the history of e-mail offers any clues, we're likely to see standardization and open source dethrone Twitter's dominance.

By January 29, 2010


Have Mac, will open-source

The Linux faithful would have you believe that open source is an all-or-nothing proposition. The reality is that the marriage of Mac OS X and open source is one made in heaven.

By August 14, 2009


Refresher course: What to do when Twitter is down

With the microblogging service suffering from a denial-of-service attack Thursday, you might need a refresher on what to do when it's down. We have you covered.

By August 7, 2009


When freedom isn't free (software)

As Tim O'Reilly indicates, the debate over free-software licensing largely misses the point, because it focuses on mechanics rather than the end goal: freedom.

By July 23, 2009


Manage multiple Twitter accounts with your iPhone

If you're looking to manage multiple Twitter accounts while you're on the go, you'll be happy to know that it's not too difficult. Check out this roundup and download the app of your choice.

By July 9, 2009


John Chambers' video vision: Shortsighted

Cisco Systems wants us to believe that video is "the killer app," but the Web and, indeed, its own product strategy, suggest that shorter-form communication is the key to its future.

By July 1, 2009


Collecta searches (some of) the Web in real-time

Real-time search is all the rage right now. Newcomer Collecta is hoping to make its mark on the scene by letting users run multiple searches throughout the day.

By June 18, 2009