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Sharp's Ultra HD TV: 60-inch for AU$30K

Sharp's ICC Purios has the only THX Certified Ultra HD TV, but at AU$30,000 can it make a splash on the market?

By December 16, 2012


Sharp shows off $31,000, 60-inch Ultra HD TV

The company's set, named ICC Purios, will be available in February but will only come made-to-order.

By December 14, 2012


Ponting cricket game gets official nod

The upcoming Ricky Ponting International Cricket game will now feature official real world tournaments thanks to the International Cricket Council's (ICC) endorsement.

By March 16, 2005


ICC files for Chapter 11

Internet Commerce & Communications (ICC), a Web design and ISP (Internet service provider) headed by former Qwest executive Douglas Hanson, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in an effort to restructure the company's ailing business. Hanson took over the CEO spot at ICC in 1997, when the company was known as Rocky Mountain Internet, as the result of a $3 million cash deal that also made him its largest shareholder at the time with a 15 percent stake. Hanson left Qwest in Nov. 1996. ICC started out as an ISP that also offered hosting and Web site development services then expanded into voice, calling card, and 800 number services. The company acquired Internet Communications in March of last year for $28 million, which was partially owned by Qwest chairman Phil Anschutz's Interwest Group. ICC's stock has traded within a range of $3.06 and 8 cents on the Nasdaq SmallCap market.

August 1, 2001


SBC asks for long-distance OK in Illinois

SBC Communications said Tuesday that it filed for approval to offer long-distance phone service in Illinois with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), a state regulatory agency. SBC expects the state review of its application will last until mid-2002, and, if approved, the telecommunications carrier will then file with the Federal Communications Commission for final approval. The ICC will work with KPMG, an independent contractor, to determine if SBC has opened up its local phone networks to competitors in accordance with the Telecommunications Act of 1996. SBC has gained FCC approval in the past to offer long-distance service in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. Other carriers such as Qwest Communications International, Verizon and BellSouth are also seeking approval to offer long-distance service in their territories, a move that provides another source of revenue for the "baby Bell" phone companies.

November 27, 2001


Vordel snags $10 million

Vordel said Tuesday that it raised a $10 million second round of funding, led by Elderstreet. Other investors included DrKW, ICC Venture Capital, Intel 64 Fund and previous investor Powerscourt Nominees. Dublin, Ireland-based Vordel added representatives from Elderstreet and ICC to its board. Vordel has raised a total of $11.5 million. The software company provides secure transmission of company data. The software is designed to verify the information via digital signature, confirm that the individual had the authority to make the purchase or send the data, and ensure the information transmitted had not been changed.

By September 4, 2001


Performix Tech snags $10 million

Performix Technologies said Tuesday it received a $10 million second round of funding. ICC Software Partners of Ireland, along with other European institutional and private investors, participated in the round. Performix Technologies, based in Dublin, Ireland, increased its valuation by 70 percent to $44 million in the current round from $26 million in the previous round. Performix, which has raised a total of $16.5 million, provides software to contact centers such as help desks or technical support offices. The software records goals for employees and monitors performance against those plans. See complete list.

By May 22, 2001