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Forget the iTV, Steve Jobs wanted an iCar

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs apparently envisioned an Apple-made automobile as a future project ahead of his death.

By May 17, 2012


What's Apple up to with that mystery van?

A Dodge minivan sprouting an array of cameras has an Apple connection. But to what end? The speculation is rolling.

By February 4, 2015


Steve Jobs wanted to design Apple iCar, board member tells

An Apple board member has told how the late Apple boss dreamed of reinventing car design.

By May 18, 2012


Get iCare Data Recovery software free

Normally $69.95, this essential utility can help you recover from accidental deletions, reformatted drives and partitions, virus attacks, and more.

By December 13, 2010


VW iBeetle has its own in-car iPhone apps

Your phone becomes part of the car with Volkswagen's upcoming iMotor.

By April 20, 2013


VW integrates iPhone with new iBeetle

At Auto China 2013 next week, Volkswagen will show off a new iPhone app to be used with its Beetle model, along with a new dock that puts the iPhone at the top of the dashboard.

By April 19, 2013


Mac sales fall, but iPhone and iPad keep Apple cash coming

Apple's line of computers isn't selling as well as it was last year, but the company is still making a tonne of cash.

By January 24, 2013


Mini becomes the unofficial iCar

Mini announces new iPhone integration technology for the Countryman.

By February 22, 2010


This week in Crave: The Facebook phone home edition

The world kept moving ahead of Friday's Facebook stock debut, which, it turned out, wasn't all that spectacular. Did you manage to tear yourself away from the IPO coverage?

By May 19, 2012


Mini updates Cooper, Clubman for 2011

It only took 10 years of goading, but 2011 Mini models will finally have their volume knobs moved to a logical location.

By June 28, 2010